I do wedding photography! Please Contact Me to discuss availability and prices. I live in Minneapolis, but love to travel.

Here are some very kind words from recent brides:

“Ben Hejkal is the perfect event photographer. He is polite, professional, and easy to work with- before, during, and after the event. When he sent us our wedding photos, I expected to go through and pick out the good ones, but every one was good. He captured everything from the overall party to the tiniest detail; from the lace on the dress to the joyous dancing at the reception, to beautifully posed family portraits. He has an excellent eye for moments and is astoundingly unobtrusive, leading to natural, perfectly-timed candids. Our photos are far more beautiful than we could have imagined; they have a fresh natural quality that makes them timeless, and the light is perfect in every shot. There is nothing that we would change about our experience with Ben, and we will absolutely continue to use him in the future.”  –Mike

“One thing that I really appreciate about Ben Hejkal is the unobtrusive quality of his presence at our wedding. He took great care to capture the all the nuances of feeling and atmosphere at our event without ever disturbing our special moments. That’s a quality of a true professional.” “Having you come photograph the day was in my opinion our single best wedding decision.”  -Andrea

I do individual, couple, and family portraiture, as well as senior portraits and headshots for actors. Get in touch and we’ll make you some awesome new photos. Here are some kind words from people I have worked with:

“He has a way of bringing out the best in you for the shot without making you feel in the spotlight.” -Evgenia

“the photo-session is like hanging out with a friend”-Bala

“He has an excellent eye for moments and is astoundingly unobtrusive, leading to natural, perfectly-timed candids.” -Mike

“He’s able to capture the subtleties in his photos that make images look and feel alive.” –Jamin

“Good photographers capture every bit of magic in each moment but Ben Hejkal seems to add a bit more.” -Joe

I am a swing and blues dancer as well as a photographer, and love photographing other dancers and dance teachers for promotional images or just for fun. Event organizers, I would love to come document your event! Get in touch and we’ll work something out.

I believe my experience and viewpoint as a dancer enable me to capture movement and expression, and to anticipate the perfect moment for the photo. Being a dance photographer means photographing a wide variety of subjects, both posed and candid, under many conditions, adapting quickly to the action and changes in location and lighting. I have worked as the official photographer to cover a number of regional, national, and international events, including BluesSHOUT!, Midwest Lindy Fest, Heartland Swing Festival, Enter the Blues, North Star BluesNevermore Jazz Ball, and European Swing Dance Championships. During each of these weekend events I work long hours to capture the energy and emotion of workshops, competitions, social dancing, and live bands.

“Ben is a photographer of life; his ability to capture both the fever-pitch moments and quieter, ephemeral details that often slip unnoticed past the public eye is a distinguishing feature of his art. His minimalist approach to photography is advantageous in a variety of situations, but is especially appreciated in the social dance world. The ability to turn out sharp, beautifully balanced photographs while working with a modestly-sized lens and no flash in a dimly lit room full of perpetually moving bodies is a brand of magic to which few have access; but that is Ben’s gift. This unobtrusive style combined with his impeccable timing and discreet, often nearly invisible presence make him a trustworthy choice to have behind the lens, both on the street and in the studio (dance or otherwise!).”  –Amanda Kueper

“Ben Hejkal is my #1 choice for photography, in any situation. I hire him as often as possible for my dance events. When friends ask me who should take their wedding photos, I say Ben, if other dance event organizers as for suggestion I always point them to Ben. We like to call Ben our photo Ninja, his style is intimate without being obtrusive, in fact, half of the time he returns pictures to us that we have no idea how he got the shot without being noticed. That for me is such an important part of having an event photographed, not being blinded by flashes all the time or having a photographer end up in everyone else’s pictures or videos.”  -Ginger Brown

“I was a little apprehensive about approaching Ben for photos because it seemed like he shot only beautiful people. But I’m glad I did because he has a pretty significant part to play in how the photos turn out (this might seem obvious, but I had to see it for myself). He’s very open to suggestions and the photo-session is like hanging out with a friend. I’m biased towards photos taken in low or natural light and he is very good in both of those settings.”  -Bala

“Ben is easily my favorite photographer, and I hope I can describe how great he is! He’s taken in-action dance photos of me, a dance photo session (which was super), and he also took *gorgeous* photos of my friends’ wedding. All his photos are crisp and high-quality, with great composition and color, and the moments he captures not only look great but also capture feeling and personality. Ben is also very easy to work with–low-pressure, professional, efficient, and very pleasant. Ben is truly talented, and I would recommend him to anyone.”  –Julie Brown

“Shooting with Ben was a pleasure – he’s relaxed and creative, and has a perfect sense of timing, so we were able to capture ideas very quickly – which is important for dancers, so we don’t wear ourselves out trying to catch that perfect leap or kick! Better still, it meant we could shoot a great deal more in our limited time, and the results were a huge variety of striking shots. More than I could have hoped for! I’ll shoot with Ben whenever I get a chance!”  –Sharon Davis

“What’s great about Ben is his down-to-earth and approachable attitude. I usually dislike being in front of the camera but when Ben is the one taking the photos, it somehow just doesn’t feel as intrusive. He has a way of bringing out the best in you for the shot without making you feel in the spotlight.”  –Evgenia Grinblo

“Thank you so much for your excellent work.  I felt very comfortable working with you, and I truly appreciated your patience, flexibility, and your good humor throughout the process.  Your professionalism and skill were immediately apparent, and I had no doubt that I would be pleased with the final product.  Most importantly, I think you figured out almost immediately what I was looking for in a headshot, and you brought out the characteristics I wanted to share with my audience.  I am so happy with the shots you have shared with me, I am finding it almost impossible to choose one for a headshot – I want to use them all!”  -Emily Wilson-Tobin

“As a dance professional I know it takes a dancer to capture the best moments on the floor. Knowing how to time that picture and freeze that moment in movement is a special quality Ben adds to his photography. Whether I’m performing on stage under harsh lights or on the dark and crowded dance floor Ben has consistently taken my most flattering pictures at the event.”  –Naomi Uyama

“I am always impressed with Ben’s ability to catch movement at The Right Moment. This could be a dancer in the air, a smile growing on someone’s face, or a musician hitting that perfect note. It’s this sharp eye and unique perception that sets Ben apart from other photographers – you can’t Photoshop an artist’s vision.”  –Sara Cherny

“Out of all the dance photographers who’ve turned their lens my way, Ben is one of my favorites. He consistently produces beautiful action shots. It takes more than just a high-end camera to get quality dance photos. During competitions he manages to catch high-energy moments at their pinnacle and also wonderful candids. When working in a one-on-one context, Ben has a way of getting a dancer’s rhythm. Our last shoot involved a lot of jumps and high kicks and I was impressed how often he was able to capture me mid-flight. His framing and sense of composition is rock solid. I’m looking forward to working with Ben on future photographic projects.”  –Ruby Red



Hi, I’m Ben. I love capturing moments of authentic emotion on location in natural light, to create timeless images with a clean, contemporary look. I am based in Minneapolis. I love it here, but I love to travel as well, so don’t hesitate to inquire about destination weddings and events, wherever you may be.

You can reach me at ben.hejkal@gmail.com or at 612-217-0534. I’m also on facebook and google+

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Portraiture starts at $300 for a one hour photo shoot. Wedding Photography is usually between $2000 and $3500.

Both portraiture and wedding photography include copies of all the edited digital photographs, with print release.

Here are some more photos I’ve taken that I’m rather fond of. I hope you’ll enjoy them too. If you want a print, get in touch.